The Honan Chapel - Gallery Collection

Image TitleHonan Chapel: period photograph of the chapel
DescriptionThis photograph was published in Sir John Robert O´Connell´s guidebook to the chapel entitled The Honan Hostel Chapel Cork: Some Notes on the Building and the Ideas which Inspired It (Guy & Co., Cork, 1916). O´Connell clearly understood the power of photography to popularise the chapel and its collection. The Honan Chapel and its liturgical collection are products of the Irish Arts & Crafts Movement (1894-1925). This accounts for the overall unity of style. The designers were searching for a new sense of Irish national identity on the threshold of political independence from Britain. This was expressed by looking back to the traditions of Celtic art and Hiberno-Romanesque architecture and blending them with contemporary tastes for Art Nouveau. O´Connell expressed these aspirations in his guidebook.
ContributorSir John O´Connell; Sir Bertrim Windle; James McMullen; John Sisk & Son, Cork
Contribution Year1916
PhotographerGuy & Co. Ltd., 70 Patrick St., Cork
CopyrightCollege Archives, University College Cork
Date of Photograph1916
CollectionChapel Collection