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Image TitleHonan Chapel: mosaic floor
DescriptionLiturgical changes required a new altar of celebration, lectern, celebrants chair and Baptismal font. The font consists of a marble pillar support cupped hands. The new furnishings had to fit into the existing liturgical space without compromising it. Richard Hurley acknowledged that the integrity of the existing chancel had to be respected. This was particularly relevant to the existing altar and predella, and also to the mosaic floor which commences within the entrance door of the chapel and flows right through the nave up into the chancel. The mosaic floor design of the River of Life is based on words taken from the Canticle of the Three Children in the Fiery Furnace from the Book of Daniel. The new font is placed just within the west door in the centre of the mosaic, which depicts the sun and other stars of the heavens, surrounded by the signs of the zodiac. It is placed here in order to stress the importance of baptism in the Christian life as the primary sacrament from which all the others flow. Hurley hoped to place the new altar in the centre of the chancel mosaic panel, but this position proved to be too far back for liturgical reasons. It was moved forward, and because of this, some sense of symbolic unity is lost. The new furnishings were not to be fixed to the floor, but should convey that they are merely resting on the surface. Richard Hurley won an RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland) Conservation Medal, Special Commendation for his work on the Honan Chapel in 1987 and 1992.
ContributorLudwig Oppenheimer Ltd. Manchester & Imogen Stuart, Dublin
Contribution Year1916 & 1997
PhotographerRory Long
CopyrightHonan Trust
Date of Photograph2003