The Honan Chapel - Gallery Collection

Image TitleHonan Chapel: memorial plaque to the Honan family
DescriptionThe Honan Bequest has been comprehensively examined by Virginia Teehan & Elizabeth Wincott Heckett in The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision published by Cork University Press in 2004. This plaque is dedicated to the memory of Matthew, Robert and Isabella Honan. The text opening O´Connell´s 1916 guide book to the Honan Chapel reads: "to the Memory of Matthew Honan, who died on the 17th of April 1894/ Robert Honan, who died on the 2nd of November 1907/ And/ Isabella Honan, who died on the 16th of August 1913/ All of the City of Cork/ Part of whose wealth, aquired during several generaations in commerce in the City of Cork,/ Has been used in the building of this/ chapel of St. Finn Barr attached to/ The Honan Hostel Cork./ For their souls, and for the souls of their parents,/ Sister and kinsfolk, let a prayer be said."
ContributorSir John O’Connell and Sir Bertram Windle
Contribution Year1916
PhotographerRory Long
CopyrightHonan Trust
Date of Photograph2003