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Image TitleHonan Hostel: entrance pillar
DescriptionThis pillar, on College Road, Cork, is all that remains of the former Honan Hostel (1914-1991). The space is now occupied by the O’Rahilly Building (1996). Rev. Sir John Robert O’Connell’s collaboration with Sir Bertrim Windle between 1914-17 greatly contributed to the provision of student accommodation and provided for the physical expansion of campus. In 1914 Sir John Robert O’Connell remodelled the former St.Anthony’s Hall and renamed it the Honan Hostel. This hostel was praised for having the latest in comfort. There were 70 radiators; fixed wash-hand basins in the students rooms with hot and cold water. There was a recreation room with a billiard table and piano. The dining room could seat 60 students. There was a warden’s and chaplain’s house. O’Connell donated Arundel and Medici prints to promote and stimulate the development of artistic appreciation among the students. It was envisaged that the hostel would develop the spirit of work and promote the value of Christian ideals. This topic has been comprehensively examined by Virginia Teehan & Elizabeth Wincott Heckett in The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision published by Cork University Press in 2004.
ContributorSir John O’Connell and Sir Bertram Windle
Contribution Year1914
PhotographerJames Cronin
CopyrightJames Cronin and the Honan Trust
Date of Photograph2006