The Honan Chapel - Gallery Collection

Image TitleHonan Chapel: period photograph of the chancel
DescriptionThis photograph was published in Sir John Robert O´Connell´s guidebook to the chapel entitled The Honan Hostel Chapel Cork: Some Notes on the Building and the Ideas which Inspired It (Guy & Co., Cork, 1916). O´Connell clearly understood the power of photography to popularise the chapel and its collection. In the foreground you can see the limestone altar rail seperating the chancel from the nave. This was removed in 1983. Its design featured the arch and chevron patterns seen in the architecture of the chapel. The Clarke windows of Our Lady and St. Joseph, on the south side, (the right side of this picture) were only installed in 1917. This is supported by the clear reflection cast by these windows as seen in this photograph.
ContributorSir John O´Connell; Sir Bertrim Windle; James McMullen; John Sisk & Son, Cork
Contribution Year1916
PhotographerGuy & Co. Photographic Studio, St. Patrick´s St., Cork
CopyrightCollege Archives, University College Cork
Date of Photograph1916