The Honan Chapel - Gallery Collection

Image TitleHonan Biological Institute: period photograph of these demonished buildings
DescriptionO’Connell was committed to fostering science and technology in education. Cork’s economy was largely depended on agriculture and so he believed that students needed to be thoroughly educated in the natural sciences. By June 1915, the Honan Biological Institute was completed with the assistance of £3,000 of the Honan Bequest endowed by O’Connell. It housed zoological and botanical laboratories an aquarium room, research room and offices. There were glasshouses attached to aid the study of plant science. It allowed the natural sciences to move from their cramped location in the quadrangle tower to a more appropriate space. O’Connell also assisted in the purchase of new equipment for the engineering plant house.
ContributorCollege Gazette Publication
Contribution Year1914
CopyrightCollege Archives, University College Cork
Date of Photograph1914