The Honan Chapel - Gallery Collection

Image TitleHonan Hostel: period photograph of this demolished building
DescriptionRev. Sir John Robert O’Connell, as legal executor of the Honan Bequest (1913), was a significant college patron during the term of office of President Sir Bertram Windle (1904-1919). O’Connell oversaw the refurbishment of the Honan Hostel in 1914. In 1914 O’Connell, with the support of Windle and the Munster bishops, purchased St. Anthony’s Hall for the lodging of Catholic students. The hall had been breifly used as a House of Studies by the Irish Franciscans. It had been bought by Tom Donovan, Cork Mayor, but had fallen into ruin. O’Connell was largely responsible for the refurbishment of the hostel which reopened on 20th April 1914. At this time the hostel served the needs of a quarter of the student population of the college and was extremely significant.
ContributorSir John O´Connell & Sir Bertrim Windle
Contribution Year1914
CopyrightCollege Archives, University College Cork
Date of Photograph1914