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Image TitleHonan Collection: gospel book
DescriptionThe public reading of parts of the Bible has been an important element in the Christian liturgy inherited from the service of the Synagogue. The first part of the service, before the bread and wine were brought up to be offered and consecrated, was the Liturgy of the Catechumens. This consisted of prayers, litanies, hymns, and especially readings from Holy Scripture. This has evolved into the Liturgy of the Word which comes before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. In many Christian churches, all Christians present stand when a passage from one of the gospels is read publicly, and sit when a passage from a different part of the Bible is read. The reading of the Gospels is traditionally done by a minister or priest. In the Roman Catholic liturgy, a passage from one of the Gospels is placed between the Alleluia or Tract and the Credo in the Mass. In a high mass, it is chanted in a special tone (the Tonus Evangelii).
ContributorRev. Seosamh A. Ó Cochláin, Dean of the Honan Chapel
Contribution Year2002
PhotographerDaniel C. Doolan
CopyrightDaniel C. Doolan and the Honan Trust
Date of Photograph 2006
CollectionChapel Collection