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Image TitleHonan Collection: black stole
DescriptionThe stole is worn only by deacons, priests, and bishops. For deacons and priests it is the specific mark of office, being the badge of the diaconal and priestly orders. The stole of the priest extends from the back of the neck across the shoulders to the breast, where the two halves either cross each other or fall down straight according as the stole is worn over the alb or the surplice. The stole is worn by a bishop in the same manner as a priest, except that it is never crossed on the breast, as a bishop wears the pectoral cross. As a mark of order the stole is used in a special ceremony, at the ordination of deacons and priests. This vestment of silk and wool poplin is decorated with cross, crown of thorns and triskel interlace patterns. The black set of hangings and vestments was used for the annual Founders┬┤ Day Mass, which took place in the third week of October, and was the ceremonial memorial for the Honan family. This item has been catalogued by Virginia Teehan & Elizabeth Wincott Heckett in The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision published by Cork University Press in 2004. The vestments are in storage and are in need of conservation.
ContributorWilliam Egan & Sons, Cork
Contribution Year1916
PhotographerJames Cronin
CopyrightJames Cronin and the Honan Trust
Date of Photograph2005
CollectionChapel Collection