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Image TitleHonan Collection: altar card with the rite of conseration
DescriptionThis altar card outline the rite of consecration. Consecration, in general, is an act by which a thing is separated from a common and profane to a sacred use. The central action of the Mass is the consecration of the bread of wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This action is performed in fulfillment of Jesus´ instruction, recorded in the New Testament, to do in memory of him what he did at his Last Supper. Jesus gave his disciples bread, saying "This is my body," and wine, saying "This is my blood." Mass was celebrated on the high altar. The Mass is a sacramental re-presentation of Christ´s Sacrifice of Calvary, by which he atoned for the sins of humanity once and for all. The priest faced toward the East - in the direction of the rising sun, a natural symbol of the Risen Christ who will come again in glory to be with His Church forever. Altar cards, inscribed with prayers for Mass were placed on the altar. The Honan Collection has two sets of altar cards. This is from the first set. Joseph Tierney, Columbar Studio, Dublin was the calligrapher and the frames were made by the firm of Edmond Johnson Ltd., Dublin. This item has been catalogued by Virginia Teehan & Elizabeth Wincott Heckett in The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision published by Cork University Press in 2004.
ContributorJoseph Tierney, Columbar Studio, Dublin (calligrapher) Edmond Johnson Ltd., Dublin (silversmith)
Contribution Year1916
PhotographerAndrew Bradley
CopyrightHonan Trust
Date of Photograph2004
CollectionChapel Collection