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Image TitleHonan Collection: chalice
DescriptionTwo sets of sacred vessels were produced for the Honan chapel. One set was made by William Egan & Sons, Cork and another set was produced by the firm of Edmond Johnson Ltd., Dublin. This is from the Johnson set. This silver-gilt cup is decorated with garnets and animal interlace in relief. The arms of the Honan Hostel and Chapel are engraved on the base as well as a cross in relief and an inscription: Of your charity pray for the souls of Matthew, Robert and Isabella Honan of the City of Cork by whose piety an zeal this chalice was made for St. Fin BarrĀ“s Chapel of the Honan Hostel AD 1917. The chalice occupies the first place among sacred vessels as it contains the Precious Blood itself. According to the existing law of the Catholic Church the chalice, or at least the cup of it, must be made either of gold or of silver, and in the latter case the bowl must be gilt on the inside. This item has been catalogued by Virginia Teehan & Elizabeth Wincott Heckett in The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision published by Cork University Press in 2004.
ContributorEdmond Johnson Ltd., Dublin
Contribution Year1917
PhotographerAndrew Bradley
CopyrightHonan Trust
Date of Photograph2004
CollectionChapel Collection