When can I submit my research thesis?

You are required to register for the minimum period you were originally approved for and should submit your thesis at the earliest opportunity following the end of this approved period of study. 

The minimum approval time for a Doctorate is three years full-time or six years part-time. 

What is the process for research thesis submission & examination?

Full instructions for how to submit your final thesis can be found at the Research Thesis Examination page.

How much time is allowed for me to complete my research course?

PhD Students

You are allowed six years from the date of acceptance to complete your PhD. If you do not complete the Degree within six years from the date of acceptance then you must apply to your College, presenting the justification for an extension. This permission for extension needs to be approved by your supervisor and the relevant College. To do this a Change Request Form for Research Students must be completed and returned to the Graduate Studies Office.

Research Masters Students 

Except where shorter periods are specified in the regulations for specific degrees, you are allowed four years or, in the case of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, five years, Engineering, two years, to complete the research Masters degree from the date of acceptance. If you do not complete the Degree within the prescribed number of years from the date of acceptance then you must apply to the College, presenting the justification for an extension. This permission for extension needs to be approved by your supervisor and the relevant College.

If I do not submit my soft bound copies within the three-month notice period, must I submit another Intention to Submit form?

There is no expiry date on the Intention to Submit form -- if you submit your thesis 6 to 12 months after your Intention to Submit notice, the notice of intention is still valid, so you do not need to submit another Intention to Submit form.

Must I submit copies of my thesis in person?

You don't have to submit in person, someone else can submit on your behalf or you can submit by post. Please note that at the time of submission, a submission form must also be submitted. The submission form must be signed by student, all Supervisors and Head of School/Department (note: scanned / electronic signatures are acceptable).

How many soft bound copies do I need to submit?

The number of copies that you will need to submit will depend on the number of Examiners; a copy for each Examiner should be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office.

Is there a standard layout for my thesis?

Yes, details are outlined on the Layout & Binding of Thesis page. You should also check within your Department for any specific requirements regarding referencing etc. You may also find it useful to look at other examples of theses submitted to your Department/discipline.

Should the soft bound copies be spiral-bound or gum-bound?

The soft bound copies can be either spiral-bound or gum-bound.

Can I print the soft bound copies double-sided?

For the Examiners, the soft bound copies must be printed on single-sided paper. However, for the final hardbound copy if it is your preference the thesis can be printed on double-sided paper. See special guidelines given below.

I want to make a particular conferring, when should I submit my soft bound copies?

In general, it takes an average time of three to four months from date of submission of soft bound copies to notification of result. Often students have some amendments to make prior to submission of the hardbound thesis. This hardbound must be received at least one month before the date of conferring. If you are anxious to make a particular conferring you should make this known to the Department in advance. You should also liaise with your Supervisor on the dates for the ACGSC meetings to ensure that your Examiners Report is approved in time for a particular conferring ceremony.

How soon after submission will my Viva-Voce examination take place?

This will depend on the Examiners availability. However, there is an expectation that the Viva-Voce examination will normally take place within three months of submission. You should liaise with your School/Department about this, particularly if you are anxious to make a particular conferring date.

When will I hear about my result?

For PhD students, in most cases the Examiners will tell you your result informally after the Viva-Voce. This result remains provisional until it has been approved by the Academic Council Graduate Studies Committee.

Research Masters students will receive notification of their result when it is approved by the Academic Council Graduate Studies Committee. Once this happens the Graduate Studies Office will formally write to you with the recommendation.

Can I print my final hardbound on double sided paper?

If it is your preference, the final hardbound copy can be printed on double sided paper. For double sided printing a high weight of paper is advised e.g. 80g/m2 is usually used for photocopying but 100g/m2 is recommended for double sided printing. For double sided printing the left hand margin on odd pages should be set at 4cm and the right hand margin on even pages should be set at 4cm.

How many hardbound copies of my thesis should I submit?

One – this copy is eventually lodged in the University library by the Graduate Studies Office.

Can I restrict library access to my thesis?

Under certain circumstances, you may need to delay access to your thesis (e.g. while you seek publication or where there is commercialisation potential or if the thesis contains confidential or sensitive information). This will be facilitated both online and in hard copy by the application of an embargo to the thesis. This request is submitted online through CORA when completing the thesis description form and uploading abstract and e-thesis.

When am I eligible to graduate?

You will be eligible to graduate once you have submitted your corrected hardbound thesis to the Graduate Studies Office and you have no fees outstanding.

Graduation ceremonies are held in Spring, Summer and Autumn of each year. Please plan ahead for your final submission and graduation according to these dates. 

If you have a specific query in relation to fees, you can contact the Fees Office, Tel:+353214903929 / Email: fees@ucc.ie 

Who will let me know about the conferring?

The Office of Marketing and Communications will send a conferring information pack by post to your UCC-registered home address 2 – 4 weeks prior to the ceremony. This pack will contain all the information needed for the conferring day, and include tickets to the ceremonies and receptions. If you would like to check a list of frequently asked questions in relation to UCC’s conferring ceremonies, please visit; http://www.ucc.ie/en/conferrings/theday/ .

If you have a specific query in relation to UCC’s conferring ceremonies, please contact: The Office of Marketing and Communications, UCC, Tel: +353214902202, Email: conferrings@ucc.ie ; website http://www.ucc.ie/en/conferrings/ 

Where can I find the University Regulations in relation to Doctorates?

University regulations can be found in the University Calendar on the following weblink http://www.ucc.ie/calendar/postgraduate/Doctor/index.html

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