Results Release Dates Winter 2019

Listed in alphabetical order of programme title

 Note: Results will be released by 4pm on the relevant date (unless otherwise stated)

Programme Title Year Results Release Date (4pm)
BA (Economics) International 3 19-Nov-19
BA (International) 3 21-Nov-19
BA (World Languages) 3 21-Nov-19
BComm 3 19-Nov-19
BComm (International) 3 19-Nov-19
BDS (Dentistry) 5 29-Nov-19
BSc (Computer Science) 3 22-Nov-19
BSc (Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship) 3 14-Nov-19
BSc (Food Science) 3 14-Nov-19
BSc (Hons) Health Studies (Women's Health) 4 29-Nov-19
BSc (International Development & Food Policy) 3 14-Nov-19
BSc (Midwifery) 4 29-Nov-19
BSc (Nutritional Sciences) 3 14-Nov-19
BSc Government 3 21-Nov-19
BSc Nursing  4 29-Nov-19
CACSSS, Professional Development (UPDA) 1 21-Nov-19
Diploma Dental Nursing 1 17-Dec-19
Doctor of Social Science 2 21-Nov-19
Higher Diploma in Midwifery 2 07-Oct-19
LLM 1 18-Nov-19
MA (Master of Arts) 1 21-Nov-19
MBS (Co-operative and Social Enterprise) 2 19-Nov-19
MCh (Surgical Science) 2 25-Nov-19
Medicine (BMBB, BMBBG, BMBBM) 5 25-Nov-19
M Eng Sc (Master of Engineering Science) 1 22-Nov-19
MPH (Master of Public Health) 1 25-Nov-19
MSc (Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds) 1 17-Dec-19
MSc (Analytical Chemistry) 1,2 17-Dec-19
MSc Applied Coastal Marine Management 1 21-Nov-19
MSc (Bioinformatics & Comp Biology) 1,2 22-Nov-19
MSc (Biotechnology) 1 17-Dec-19
MSc (Business Economics) 1,2 07-Oct-19
MSc Clinical Pharmacy 2 29-Nov-19
MSc (Computing Science) 1 03-Oct-19
MSc (Co-operatives Agri-Food & Sus. Dev.) 1 19-Nov-19
MSc (Co-Operative and Social Enterprise) 2 19-Nov-19
MSc (Data Science and Analytics) 1 03-Oct-19
MSc (Dementia) 1 25-Nov-19
MSc (Diagnostic Radiography) 1 25-Nov-19
MSc (Digital Health) 2 19-Nov-19
MSc (Environmental Analytical Chemistry) 1 17-Dec-19
MSc (Finance (Banking & Risk Management)) 1 19-Nov-19
MSc (Finance (Corporate Finance)) 1 19-Nov-19
MSc (Food Business) 2 14-Nov-19
MSc (Food Business and Innovation) 1 19-Nov-19
MSc (Food Microbiology) 1 14-Nov-19
MSc (Food Science) 1 14-Nov-19
MSc (Government) 1 21-Nov-19
MSc (Government and Politics) 1 21-Nov-19
MSc (Innovation in European Business) 1 19-Nov-19
MSc Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy 4 21-Nov-19
MSc (Interactive Media) 1 22-Nov-19
MSc (International Public Policy) 1 21-Nov-19
MSc (Management and Marketing) 1 07-Oct-19
MSc (Management Information & Accounting Systems) 1 17-Dec-19
MSc (Marine Biology) 1 22-Nov-19
MSc (Math. Modelling & Self-Learning Systems) 1 22-Nov-19
MSc (Midwifery) 2 29-Nov-19
MSc (Molecular Cell Biology) 1 22-Nov-19
MSc (Nursing & Healthcare Quality Improvement) 2 29-Nov-19
MSc (Nursing Studies) 2 29-Nov-19
MSc (Nursing) Advanced Nursing Practice 2 29-Nov-19
MSc Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2 25-Nov-19
MSc (Older Person Rehabilitation) 1,3 25-Nov-19
MSc (Pharmaceutical Technology & Quality Systems) 2 29-Nov-19
M Soc Sc (Master of Social Science) 1 21-Nov-19
PGDip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 2 29-Nov-19




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