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The site has been developed with the help and coperation of the following persons, centres and departments.

Project Director Rev. Seosamh A. Ó Cochláin,, Dean of the Honan Chapel, University College Cork.

Project Coordinator James Cronin,, University College Cork.

Website Design Daniel C Doolan MCGR Website,, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork. Project Areas: Styling, Server Side Programming, Database Management.

Website Design Xiaoye DaiXiaoye's Website,, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork. Project Areas: Development of Flash animations, Panoramic Photography, site Aesthetics.

Website Photography The team is grateful to the following photographers: Andrew Bradley, Rory Long and Tomás Tyner. Additional site photography was undertaken by Daniel C. Doolan and James Cronin. We are grateful to College Archives, University College Cork for their assistance in allowing us to reproduce period photographs on this site.

Thanks to Dr. Sabin Tabirca, Department of Computer Science, University College Cork, for organising the Design Team.

Thanks to the Chaplaincy, University College Cork Iona

Thanks to UCC for hosting the site University College Cork

The project team would like to especially acknowledge the Quality Promotion Unit, University College Cork, who funded this project. We wish to express our thanks to Mr. Grant Young, TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images - a JISC funded service for Further and Higher Education) for external advice.

We wish to thank Ann Martha Rowan Irish Architectural Archive

For information on the re-ordering of the Honan Chapel (1983-2001) we wish to thank Richard Hurley & Associates Architects, 1 Mount Street Crescent Dublin 2 Ireland, Tel 01 6768711 Fax 01 6611015 E-Mail and Rev. Fr. Tom Riordan, former college chaplain.

Special thanks to Dr. Madeline O´Connell, granddaughter of Sir Bertram Windle, for allowing us to consult and photograph her grandfather's unpublished scrap-book.

We wish to thank all the essay contributors to this site. Their work adds new insights into the Honan Chapel and its liturgical collection.